The 36th Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled, jointly organised by Shell Hong Kong Limited, JCI Island, the Education and Manpower Bureau, Hong Kong Special Schools Council and the Social Welfare Department, was established in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons. This year, the “36th Shell / Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled - Diversified Potential Development Project Art Exhibition”, cooperated with MTR Corporation, has launched near Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station from 1 October to 31 October. Passengers is able to enjoy a series of diversified artworks of project awardees to explore the world of a group of students with special educational needs (SEN) through their art creations.

The exhibition is themed as “Flying High with Art”, is divided into four zones to showcase students’ artworks ranging from paintings and sketches to ceramics and three-dimensional creations. The “Diversified Potential Development Project’ with art as its theme is newly added to the Scholarship this year to offer encouragement to students from special schools. Through the exhibition, we hope the public can appreciate the efforts involved in the creation of these amazing artworks,” said Mr. Daniel Ng, spokesperson of the 36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled.

“We are delighted to provide an art venue for the exhibition to support this meaningful cause. The exhibition not only unleashes students’ art potential, but also gives recognition to their remarkable efforts on continued learning as well as pays tributes to their teachers and parents who have been supporting them in overcoming various challenges in their school life,” said Ms. Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

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