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查看亞洲各地最有潛質的賽車新秀 誰人可以發揮潛能,表現出色,奪取勝利?


跟我們一起到 Shell Advance 亞洲新秀盃 (Asia Talent Cup) 瞭解車手在旅程背後的起落。


電單車賽需要引擎在頂尖狀態。 瞭解我們的 Shell Advance 機油系列,其特別配方提升引擎的最高穩定性、表現和潔淨程度。

Ready. Set. Ride on!

Introducing the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup, a competition to unearth the best young racers across Asia. At Shell, we’re supporting the next generation of Asian racers to turn their potential into performance.

This championship is a springboard for riders aspiring to compete at the highest level of international motorcycle racing, the MotoGP™ World Championship. 22 rising stars from Asia will participate in a series of 8 races in Qatar, Indonesia, China, Japan and Malaysia.




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